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For years, we had the desire to travel the world after we finished our studies and to make the best possible use of the time we have before worklife - We were longing for independent travels without being trapped in a "9 to 5 job". So we worked hard, saved money and dreamed about this goal during our studies. And now we have turned our dream into reality!


 All information, tips, hacks and insights about our self-built DIY-Campervan, our travels and our current life can be found here on wanderhorizons.com


DIY-Campervan - The eBook

Our 200+ Page ebook guides you through your van ConversioN


ENGLISH Version - DIY Campervan - eBook

Our 200+ page eBook for your van conversion is in epub format, which is the universal format of the ebook and runs on all devices. This way you can read the ebood anywhere, weather during planning or converting.

immediate and free download after payment 


The “How to” guide DIY Campervan provides you with all the important and targeted information for your own Campervan conversion. From vehicle search, budget planning and interior design to theft protection, you'll find all useful tips and tricks for successful campervan projects.

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Important note! If you would like to purchase the german version of our eBook come this way!

Important note! Our eBook is in epub format. This way we can enable an ideal reading experience without the hassle of zooming, scrolling and swiping. You can read the format on the iPhone, the Android smartphone, your tablet, laptop, PC and, of course, any eBook readers. More information on how to read our ebook can be found here.

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Do you want to convert an empty van into a campervan?

In our ebook we share all our accumulated knowledge and the experiences

we gained about converting a van into a campervan.

In the process of converting your van into a campervan many steps have to be taken. Our eBook DIY Campervan helps you along the way. It provides you with all the knowledge you need for a successful conversion. From searching and purchasing a van, to rust removal and the preparation of the vehicle base, all the way to the planning and installing of the electrical system, to building the entire interior, to theft protection and much more.

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Online Guide - Campervan Consulting


Are you looking for answers that you haven't found here yet? No problem!


We now have a new free service for you offering advice on how to build your own DIY-Campervan!

 We are happy to help you with your individual questions and help requests! Whatever question you have - starting from buying a vehicle to interior design - feel free to ask and we help and answer your questions as fast as we can!


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