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Here you will find the most important lists and files for your project!

During the planning, it happens that you forget important things, overlook them or do not consider them. That's why we've created a few lists for you to help you plan and help keeping track of everything at all times. You can download the lists for free and use them for your project. You can find the downloads below!

Free Downloads

The lists and files offered for download are completely free of charge and should help you to keep an overview of the most important topics at all times during your project.


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Expense Budgeting

In our How-to guide DIY Campervan you will find detailed guidance to budget planning. There are some points that you have to pay attention to in order to have enough funds for the implementation even in the final stages of your conversion. So that you can implement and take over the tips and hints from the book for you simply and clearly, we have created you an Excel sheet. The Excel Budget Planning sheet allows you to capture and consider all the factors and eventualities that may come your way throughout the project. Good budget planning is the perfect basis for your Campervan project!

Expense Budgeting
Plan your project budget. From the purchase of the vehicle to the expansion costs and possible buffers. This Excel sheet helps you to keep track and capture everything important for budget planning!
Expense Budgeting_wanderhorizons.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 39.6 KB

Tools and Maschines

No conversion without suitable tools. But what tools do you need for your project, that is not that easy to estimate at the beginning. Therefore, we have created a list for you with all the tools, machines and accessories that we used during the conversion.

Tools and maschines
Our detailed list filled with tools, equipment, accessories, machines and the basic equipment for your toolbox "On the Road"!
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 30.6 KB

Weight planning & Inventory

After completing your campervan, it has to stand the weighing. Each vehicle has a gross vehicle weight that must not be exceeded. Keep in mind that driving a congested vehicle is prohibited and dangerous for you and others. The penalties for "overweight" vehicles are also really painful!


Important NOTE! This is only a aid for vehicle and travel planning. This file in no way replaces the final weighing of your campervan and cannot be used as a justification and / or legal basis for any penalties.

Weight planning and Inventory
So that you always have an accurate overview of the approximate weight of your campervan, we have created this comprehensive and detailed list.
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 41.4 KB

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ENGLISH Version! DIY Campervan - How-to guide

Our 200+ page eBook for your van conversion is in epub format, which is the universal format of the ebook and runs on all devices. This way you can read the ebood anywhere, weather during planning or converting.

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The “How to” guide DIY Campervan provides you with all the important and targeted information for your own Campervan conversion. From vehicle search, budget planning and interior design to theft protection, you'll find all useful tips and tricks for successful campervan projects.

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Important note! Our eBook is in epub format. This way we can enable an ideal reading experience without the hassle of zooming, scrolling and swiping. You can read the format on the iPhone, the Android smartphone, your tablet, laptop, PC and, of course, any eBook readers. More information on how to read our ebook can be found here.

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Auf unserer Reise haben wir mittlerweile viele schöne und bewundernswerte Orte erleben und kennenlernen dürfen. Diese wollen wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Alles rund um unsere Reise, wo wir schon waren und was wir erlebt haben findet ihr hier.

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Ende 2016 haben wir uns unseren Traum erfüllt und uns einen Bus gekauft. Nach langer Recherche und viel Arbeit haben wir ihn nun in einen Campervan verwandelt und nennen diesen seither unser neues Zuhause. Hier erfahrt ihr alles weitere über uns.


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Seit Oktober 2017 sind wir nun schon unterwegs und sammeln auf unseren Wegen unbeschreibliche viele und wunderbare Eindrücke, die wir mit euch teilen wollen. Schaut also auf unserem Blog vorbei wenn ihr mehr erfahren wollt.


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Wenn ihr euch auch den Traum vom eigenen Campervan erfüllen wollt und noch ein paar Tipps und Tricks für die Umsetzung sucht, könnt ihr in unserer Rubrik "DIY-Campervan" viele Artikel rund um das Thema Selbstausbau finden.

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