Wanderhorizons on the road - very slow but steady!
Wanderhorizons on the road - very slow but steady!

Our journey takes us through different countries, breathtaking landscapes, exciting cultures and unforgettable encounters. We don't want to deprive you of these places with the most beautiful and everlasting memories - so we are more than happy to introduce you to them!

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If you are also planning to fulfill your dream of your own DIY-Campervan and if you are still looking for some tips and hacks for the conversion, you should check out our "DIY-Campervan" section!

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Since October 2017 we are on the road and collecting  indescribable and wonderful memories and impressions, which we want to share with you. So check out our blog if you want to know more.

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At the end of 2016 we decided to live our dream and bought a VW T4 bus. After a long research and a lot of work, we have now turned it into a DIY-Campervan and have called it our new home ever since. Here you will learn everything else about us.

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Vanlife comes with many surprises and changes in the way of everyday life. On our "Good to know" Page you will find useful tips, tricks and help for your everyday life in a van.