During your project, there are many smaller and larger obstacles to overcome. In many steps, you want to find solutions that make your self-converted Campervan become what it is - unique! We want to help you along your way and have therefore summarized some topics and solutions that helped us during our DIY-Campervan conversion:

Step by step guide to find and buy a campervan
Step by step guide to find and buy a campervan
Leisure Battery - Considering the different types
Leisure Battery - Considering the different types
Infinite power supply by using solar energy
The off-grid solar system - Infinite power supply by using solar energy

Any further Questions?

Online Guide - Campervan Consulting


Are you looking for answers that you haven't found here yet? No problem!


We now have a new free service for you offering advice on how to build your own DIY-Campervan!


We are happy to help you with your individual questions and help requests! Whatever question you have - starting from buying a vehicle to interior design - feel free to ask and we help and answer your questions as fast as we can!


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In the meantime, we have been able to experience and get to know many beautiful and admirable places on our journey. Of course we do not want to withhold these from you. Everything about our trip, where we have been and what we have experienced can be found here.

Good to know

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Vanlife comes with many surprises and changes in the way of everyday life. On our "Good to know" Page you will find useful tips, tricks and help for your everyday life in a van.

About us

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At the end of 2016 we decided to live our dream and bought a VW T4 bus. After a long research and a lot of work, we have now turned it into a DIY-Campervan and have called it our new home ever since. Here you will learn everything else about us.


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Since October 2017 we are on the road and collecting  indescribable and wonderful memories and impressions, which we want to share with you. So check out our blog if you want to know more.